It’s the one buzz word everyone talks about when it comes to investing. The concept of wealth – both literal and figurative – is nebulous and subjective, but something worth possessing.

Building wealth through investing is much more than buying low and selling high, which sounds like a simple premise but in practice nearly impossible to accomplish.

A common misconception is that investing is a zero-sum game, meaning that if one person gains, then another has to lose. But, what if there’s a potential win-win scenario? What if it’s possible to generate income for life?

Dividends do that.

What is a dividend?

Quite simply, a dividend is a fixed or increasing amount of shares or cash paid out from the company’s profits over a certain period of time to the company’s shareholders. Dividends from Canadian companies are eligible for dividend tax credits, which in turn can save on tax for investors.

The dividends featured in The Dividend Aristocrat Newsletter are considered dividend aristocrats – companies that have increased their dividends for an extended number of years.

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